Womb Healing Offerings

Imagine honoring your body as a sacred temple – how would your world transform? What if we unlocked the portal to your womb, allowing you to step into your inner wisdom, fearless and empowered? Who could you become without the patriarch's whispers drowning out your intuition? Holding the key to your own healing in your hand – what possibilities could unfold?

In this devotional journey, I extend my hand to guide you in healing the womb, the heart, and by extension, the world. It's about healing the world, one womb at a time. Take a deep breath and recognize that the power resides within you.

Throughout this sacred practice, we embark on a joint journey, incorporating hands-on touch – a missing element in today's world, especially essential for women. The experience encompasses the use of sound, rebozo massage, which involves gentle rocking and cradling, sacred anointing of the temples, and much more.

My passion for working with women continually deepens. Engaging with the divine feminine is not just a job; it's my calling. This is more than a massage; it's sacred work that requires a commitment from both parties. So, I ask you, are you in?

Qualifications :

Well Womb Woman Yoga Teacher Training - Real Flow Yoga School, August 2023

Shamanic Womb Massage - Sanctuary of Sophia, November 2023

Closing of the bones - Sophie Messager, September 2023

Sound Healing - Vanessa Myatt, March 2023

Reiki Level 2 - Maria Sutton, July 2021

Reiki Master - Pam Humphries, April 2024



As a mother of 4 who has earned very little over the years, I know all too well how inaccessible a lot of healings, circles, 1:1 sessions can be. I never want to leave a woman in need, without, and so, if you find the recommended energy exchange is too much for you up front, I am always happy to discuss various payment options. If money is not flowing freely for you at this current time and you feel you would benefit from a session with me, please reach out. There is no shame in asking for help and I will do my best to meet you where you are at.

With love,


Art by Josephine Klerks.