Shamanic Womb Massage

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Embark on a transformative journey of womb healing.
Using ancient Mayan massage techniques with a blend of shamanic practices.

Having trained with the truly incredible Sanctuary of Sophia school & founder ; Angie Twydall, I am proud to share the wisdom and methods I was taught and share them with the women of my community. 


Are you are feeling the call to ;

Connect to your womb,
To release and let go,
To create space within the womb,
To feel supported and held as you journey through health issues around your womb or emotional heaviness?

Experience profound womb healing through this beautiful treatment, inspired by age-old wisdom through;

- Hands-on external massage focusing on the lower sacral/abdominal area.

- External massage applied to the lower back/sacrum.

- Utilization of womb healing techniques through tuning forks.

- Integration of womb reiki for a holistic energy approach

- Rebozo massage targeting the sacrum, womb, chest, and breasts.

- Inclusion of Bowen therapy to ensure alignment.

- Anointing of the temple and brows with sacred oil accompanied by a gentle massage.

- Womb massage incorporating ancient practices and techniques.

- Inclusion of sound healing for a multi-sensory experience.

Utilizing a blend of deep pressure, umbilical twists, and strategic maneuvers across the transverse, descending, and ascending colon, the treatment aims to alleviate tensions in the upper and lower abdomen. Deep massage techniques further target sacrum and coccyx areas, promoting a sense of release.
Gentle lifts, rocking movements, and deep but soothing stretches contribute to the liberation and release of tensions in your womb and sacral area.

Each session becomes a personalized ritual, adapting to your unique health needs on all levels.

Your comfort is a priority, and if at any point you feel uneasy or wish to stop, simply communicate, ensuring a safe and tailored experience.

Common concerns addressed include ;

- Digestive issues,
- Fertility problems,
- PMS,
- Irregular periods,
- Ovarian and breast cysts,
- Fibroids,
- Migraines, and more.


Unlock the benefits of womb care:


- Enhances blood flow to reproductive organs, igniting your creative power centers.


- Realignment of the uterus promotes balance and harmony within your sacred space.


- Regulates menstrual cycles, easing stagnant, missed, or painful bleeds.


- Supports healing of cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis, nurturing your path to wellness.


- Embrace the preparation for new beginnings with support for fertility and conception journeys.


- Harmonizes the digestive system, creating a vital flow from within.


- Assists in removing toxins and stagnant energy, facilitating a cleanse and renewal of your energetic being.


- Relieves tension on the lower back, psoas, and abdominal muscles, allowing for unwinding and release.


- Supports healing of c-section scars, honoring your body's unique journey.


- Postpartum healing to nourish and restore after the sacred act of birthing.


- Provides solace and healing for experiences of miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or traumatic birth.


- Offers support during menopause or peri-menopausal phases, guiding you through this transformative period with grace.


- Motherline ancestral healing connects you with the lineage of women who came before you.

~ 90 minute to 2 hours - £80 payable in two payments if needed. 

If the energy exchange is unaffordable, please do reach out and I will try and meet you where you are at.
Payment plans are available.

Please enter your email address upon booking so that you can receive the consultation form.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Augusta Kaufmann
Wonderful & soul-deep experience

I had three sessions with Laurie and each of them were perfectly tailored to my needs.

Laurie has an amazing gift for communicating directly, without words, straight to your core and is able to mirror that in the session. You come away feeling perfectly held and heard, more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Our last session was extremely powerful as she gently encouraged me to speak aloud the messages my womb was trying to tell me. They came through thick and fast, delighted to have finally been given the opportunity to be heard. I felt as if my voice and path forward had been miraculously revealed to me in a way impossible to ignore!

Highly recommend!

Ruth Challinor
A gentle and transformative experience

Thankyou Laurie for your gentle presence. You explained the process and answered any questions I had. You provided a safe space for me to comnect with my ancestors and womb space. I experienced a powerful transformation of energy together with a deeper connection within myself. 🙏

Vanessa Vaughan-Jones

Truly powerful medicine! Laurie is passionate about helping women and I’m very grateful to have received a womb massage from her. I felt held, nurtured and cared for as a new mother receiving this beautiful treatment. Laurie explained everything and created a safe space to relax and let go. I’ve been fascinated by the insights I’ve had. Laurie created the space to help me do this and I’m excited for the next session. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend to any woman who is being called to womb healing and connecting with their womb on a deeper level. Thankyou so much Laurie!


Meeting Laurie puts you immediately at ease. She has such a positive, nurturing energy that it is very easy to relax and let go. The womb healing itself was just amazing. Laurie was checking in with me and making sure that I was ok. I felt very held and a deep sense of recognition. I left feeling lighter and more open, and I look forward to working more with Laurie in the future.

Katy Lehman

Laurie was simply divine.

I was made to feel so safe, nurtured & held. I was asked for my consent at all times, prepared fully for the treatment and aftercare. I was blown away at what came up and couldn’t have asked for anything more from Laurie - a medicine woman of strength of softness. Cannot wait for my next session!