Hi magical souls, I'm Laurie.


I started Of The Forest almost 6 years ago whilst trying to find a creative outlet for myself. As a busy home educating mother to two young children at the time, I was struggling with lack of time for me, time to explore my own creativity and who I was. I felt that although motherhood was everything I'd ever wanted and more, I was somehow sacrificing who I was along the way. I needed to find the artist in me again. It all began with a love of Macrame. My journey of weaving began. I would get lost in the process of creating something for hours on end during the evenings. Eventually I had made so many pieces that I decided to take the bold move and begin selling my work...

In taking that bold move, I did something for myself that changed the trajectory of my life and the way in which I valued myself and my time.

As I have grown and evolved, as has my family (now a mother to 4), and so has this business. I expect that will continue happening, which I love. Of The Forest is now so much more than it was. I now create potions and blends using the magical plants that bloom all around me. I offer energetic healing through reiki & offer sound healing therapy, as well as running women's circles and retreats. In 2022 I began my journey with womb healing ; a combination of womb yoga, womb massage, womb wrapping, closing of the bones ceremony, tea ceremony, yoni steaming and more. 

For me, I want this business to be an extension of all that I am passionate about, all that I love and all that I want to share with others.

I have a deep connection with plants, with the Earth. My journey in working with the plants began almost 5 years ago. I took an interest in foraging, learning the plant names and properties and being in absolute awe at their endless healing powers. I couldn't believe that all this time I had been blind to these wild spaces filled with so much wonder. As time went on, I began to forage for herbs and plants to create healing tea blends and oils for my family and friends. It is so important to me to reintroduce the use of our plant allies within our homes and to reignite the connection to plants. This connection we all carry in our blood, it is a part of our history and lineage. 

As I connected deeper with the Earth, allowing my children to be wild and free among the trees within the forest, learning through nature, I realised that I should be doing this with a community around me. I found myself yearning for a sisterhood, my soul ached for that spiritual, emotional and physical connection with the feminine. Other women to raise my babies with, to learn about the plants with, to share stories with... I decided to create a women's circle, the vision came to me as clear as anything and I knew it was my journey. Almost 6  years later we have created a magical circle of women that continues to grow and expand into so much more...

In 2023 myself & my beloved husband, Dan made the brave decision to open the doors to Of The Forest Barn Temple. Nestled in the quaint village of Pontblyddyn in North Wales, located next to the river & surrounded by hills, mountains & trees. We are striving to create a sacred space for community to grow and thrive. From this space is a variety of healing modalities offered from local practitioners who are passionate about creating accessible healing for all. 

The weaving continues...


Qualifications :

Well Womb Woman Yoga Teacher Training - Real Flow Yoga School, August 2023

Shamanic Womb Massage - Sanctuary of Sophia, November 2023

Closing of the bones - Sophie Messager, September 2023

Sound Healing - Vanessa Myatt, March 2023

Reiki Level 2 - Maria Sutton, July 2021

Reiki Master - Pam Humphries, April 2024