Closing The Bones ~ Rebozo Massage

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Closing of the Bones'

This devotional treatment is a profound ancient practice taught to me by the experienced & passionate Sophie Messager.

Rooted in timeless wisdom, this devotional session seamlessly integrates physical and spiritual elements to nurture new mothers & women at any stage through a comprehensive 2-hour experience.

It is important for me to acknowledge Sophie's unwavering dedication to postpartum support. She ensures the celebration and prioritisation of postnatal recovery, guiding women through the sacred initiation into motherhood. Her teaching has allowed me to create a session that offers a harmonious blend of nurturing practices including;

~ Breathwork

~ Meditation

~ Annointing of sacred oils upon the head, heart & womb

~ Gentle rocking of the hips,

~ Womb and abdominal massage

~ A full-body rebozo massage using lovingly created handwoven Mexican rebozos.

Experience profound effects on both physical healing and emotional well-being as trauma is released, and stability is restored. The session concludes with a symbolic wrapping of the body, providing closure and a profound sense of support. Elevate the experience with sound healing, cleansing rituals, and a soothing tea ceremony.

Tailored for both new mothers and women navigating significant life changes, this offering provides a sacred space to process, release, and heal. Flexible payment options, including a two-part payment plan or the convenience of ClearPay, ensure accessibility to this transformative experience. Invest in your well-being and embark on the holistic healing journey of 'Closing of the Bones.'

The cost for this 2-hour session is £125

Flexible payment options are available, including a two-part payment plan or the convenience of ClearPay

I want to ensure accessibility to this beautiful experience, for you to be able to invest in your well-being. 

If you have any questions, please reach out. 


Customer Reviews

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In a society that focuses on bouncing back to our busy lives as soon as possible after the birth of our children, it felt liberating to spend this time with Laurie, being held and nurtured and given time.

The closing of the bones was such a restorative experience for me. From the moment I stepped in to the beautiful room and took in my surroundings, I had an all encompassing feeling of calm and felt safe.

Laurie’s warm and compassionate nature is very settling and I felt such comfort and at ease as she explained the origins of closing of the bones and we began. I felt re-connected to my mind and body and all the women that have gone before me as I moved through the breath work and meditation. Each part of my body was able to relax and feel weightless as Laurie massaged and wrapped me using the rebozos. The sensation of the compression was comforting and my body felt completely supported and held.

It has been a few days since I had the closing of the bones done and I still feel the effects on my mood and spirit, feeling a deep sense of calm and I feel more confident which I hadn’t expected. The opportunity to really sit with yourself, honour your body, ask how you are feeling in your heart and womb and honour yourself for all that you are and all you have done in creating life and being a mother, is just so powerful and I feel I am stepping more in to my own power since this wonderful experience.

Libby and Isaac

Hey my love, what a beautiful experience I had. Something i will carry with me for the rest of my life. An experience that has given my journey into mother hood a final hello. I have woken today feeling confident, radiant and soft as a new mother following the ceremony. I want to say a massive thank you for being my anchor ❤️ so so much love

Wholly nurturing

I have felt a deep sense of calm since my closing of the bones ceremony. To have time carved out just for myself where nobody needed anything from me felt special, but what I did not expect was how truly nurturing the whole experience was.
Laurie was so attentive, everything she did during the ceremony was done with a real sense of purpose and a deep passion.
I felt so held, physically and spiritually. I don’t think anyone has shown me that level of attentiveness since I myself was a newborn. The way Laurie worked on each part of my body, lifting each limb gently rocking and massaging with the rebozo, as tentatively as you would if you were handling a newborn.
As she wrapped me it felt as though all the women I’ve been before hugged me tightly at the same time. I’ve particularly felt the benefits of being wrapped in my hips and lower back. There was a slight compression as though I was being knitted back together after creating such space to grow and birth my baby.
I feel as though many traditions are lost to mothers in the western world but this is one that should be available to all women, no matter how far postpartum they may be.


It’s been 48 hours since my closing the bones experience with Laurie, and I still can’t put in to words what an immensely nurturing experience it was. I think it’s the action of being physically held as well as emotionally that is what makes this ancient practice so special. I said this is what babies must feel like to be held and swayed in their mother’s arms. You have to experience it to understand what I mean, the safety and comfort, honouring the stillness, allowing yourself to just be. This treatment truly does support your whole mind body and soul, what a gift to women no matter their motherhood journey or phase. It is so restorative and peaceful, what an honour to have you hold this space for me Laurie. Thank you x