The Celtic Wheel Womb Pilgrimage

The Celtic Wheel Womb Pilgrimage

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ūüĆÄThe Celtic Wheel Womb PilgrimageūüĆÄ

- Unveiling the Magic Within -

A Sacred Journey through the Celtic Wheel of the Year Embracing Celtic Earth Wisdom & The Deep Wisdom Of The Womb. 

A Womb-Centric Healing Journey


This course is an invitation to connect intimately with the land, delve into ancestral stories, and unlock the potent wisdom residing within the sacred portal of the womb.

As we navigate the ways of Celtic lore, our focus transcends mere exploration; it's a journey of healing ‚Äď both for the Earth and the women who walk upon her. We will attune ourselves to the rhythm of the natural world, drawing on practical insights to harmonize with the environment and foster a sacred relationship with the Earth.


This course is not just about understanding; it's about embodying the wisdom held in the land, the lineage, and the womb. We delve into the tangible aspects of Celtic traditions, where the richness of healing intertwines with the threads of ancient knowledge.

Guided by the nurturing energy of Mary Magdalene and the Celtic pantheon of deities and goddesses, we'll explore the sacred dimensions of the womb. This isn't merely an exploration ‚Äď it's a call to healing, a journey to mend the Earth and the sacred feminine through the potent energies emanating from the womb.

Prepare to be immersed in the mystic teachings of the women that have walked before you, where every step is a prayer, every moment an offering to the Earth.

Welcome to a course that not only connects you to Celtic wisdom but also invites you to be a healing force for the Earth and the divine feminine through the sacred gateway of the womb.


Our Pilgrimage Through The Spiral...


Module 1: Ostara - Embracing Renewal ~ The Maiden. 

- In person gathering ~ Saturday 23rd March ~ Ostara ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Introduction to the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the significance of Ostara.

- Exploration of goddesses associated with spring.

- Womb meditation for rebirth and fertility.

~ Journey to meet our inner child & maiden - rediscover our playful inquisitive nature. 

~ Exploration of innocence 

~ Journey with the plants 


Module 2: Beltane - Celebrating Sacred Union 

- In person gathering ~ Saturday 4th May ~ Beltane Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Understanding the Beltane festival and its fertility symbolism.

- Rituals to connect with the divine feminine and masculine within.

- Plant medicine teachings related to fertility and vitality.

 - To learn how to place intimate relationships at the center of our spiritual altar. 

- Working with masculine & feminine energies within the body to create a language of love - heaven on earth. 

- Rituals for connecting with divine feminine and masculine

~ Exploration of Shakti energy



Module 3: Litha - Embracing Solar Power ~ The Mother.

-  In person gathering ~ Saturday 22nd June ~ Litha / Summer Solstice  Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Embracing the energy of the summer solstice and Litha  -embracing the potency of the strength of the sun.

- Shamanic journey to connect with solar energies and the womb's fire.

- Womb-centered rituals for empowerment and self-expression.

- Womb-centered rituals for empowerment, stepping into our Queen-dom.

- Deepening connection to sun goddesses & Celtic traditions. 

~ Journeying with the plants that ignite the light within. 


Module 4: Lammas - Harvesting Abundance & Gratitude. 

- In person gathering ~ Saturday 2nd August ~ Lammas Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Understanding Lammas as a time of harvest and gratitude.

- Shamanic practices for harvesting the wisdom within the womb.

- Rituals for releasing what no longer serves and welcoming abundance.

- Exploring local plants for healing and connection to the earth.

- Ceremony to receive the gifts of life 

- Releasing fear from the womb and opening to love. 


Module 5: Mabon - Balancing Equinox Energies & The Descent to the underworld. 

-Saturday 21st September ~ Mabon Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Recognizing Mabon as a time of balance and reflection.

- Shamanic journey for inner balance and harmony.

- Womb-centered rituals for gratitude and releasing imbalances.

~ Exploration of shame as we journey down & discover what we can bring to the surface. 

- Connecting with goddesses of the underworld. 


Module 6: Samhain - Honoring Ancestors and Transformation 

- In person gathering ~ Saturday 2nd November ~ Samhain Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

- Delving into Samhain as a symbolic time of transformation.

- Shamanic practices for connecting with ancestors through the womb.

- Womb meditation for release and rebirth.

- Exploring goddesses linked to the thinning veil.

- Practices for connecting with ancestors through the womb.

- Journeying with the plants & ancient practices. 


Module 7: Yule - Embracing the Darkness and Rebirth 

- Saturday 14th December ~ Yule / Winter Solstice  Ceremony~ 1-4pm (ceremony one week early to give time before Christmas period).

- Understanding Yule as a time of darkness and rebirth.

- Shamanic journey for connecting with the womb's wisdom in the darkness.

- Winter solstice rituals for inner reflection and renewal.

- Incorporating local plants for grounding and introspection.

- Celebration of the return of the light & the return of the feminine ~ the light of creation. 


Module 8: Closing Circle - Imbolc~  Integration and Celebration 

- In person gathering ~ Saturday 1st February 2025 ~ Imbolc Ceremony/ Closing Ceremony ~ 1-4pm

~ Closing Circle 

- Reflecting on the journey through the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

- Group ceremony for integration and celebration of personal and collective growth.

- Sharing insights and experiences gained throughout the course.

- Setting intentions for continued womb wisdom and connection.

- Group ceremony for integration and celebration.

- Setting intentions for continued womb wisdom & tending the seeds within your womb.  

- You hold the potential for your greatest self expression.

- Live as the woman you want to be.


A banquet of food will be offered throughout our time in ceremony, food that honours the turn of the wheel. 





As we journey through the Celtic wheel of the year, we will journey with our womb.

This union between ceremonial earth based practices & pilgrimage to meet our womb will honour the cyclical nature of the planet and of women.

 We will gather in ceremonial space at each turn of the wheel upon sacred Welsh land. Here we will journey together, as a covern of sisters.

 In-between our time together will have regular contact, monthly meditations & monthly journal prompts as well as opportunity to deepen our connections with one another.


Additional Extras :


~ Sacred journal to document your journeys and experiences 

~ Journey with the plants book written by myself that teaches you the folklore, how to identify, medicinal properties and uses of plants native to our lands. 

~ Monthly audio meditation to connect to your womb

~ Monthly ceremony in circle with your covern of sisters at each turn of the wheel.

~ A selection of hand crafted gifts including sacred oils, teas, tinctures, cleansing tools & ceremonial tools offered to you at each in person gathering.

~ Online community via what's app to ask questions and to connect deeper with the women you will be journeying with. 

~ You will receive the 13th rite of the Munay-ki in ceremony at the end of our cycle together. A powerful womb healing that has been gifted to us. An initiation : The rite of the womb.

You will be able to share the rite of the womb with the women of your community. With every offering of this gift, you deepen and strengthen it's power within your own womb. 

Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to maintain a journal, documenting their experiences, insights, and personal growth. The emphasis will be on creating a supportive sisterhood, fostering healing, and cultivating a deeper connection to the wisdom of the womb and the cycles of the earth.


So I ask, do you hear the call ? Let us tend the earth & our wombs, planting new seeds & be reborn.



£640 with payment plans available.

Payment option 1: Pay in full with 10% discount - £576

Payment option 2: Pay over 6 months - £106.60 per month (payable via standing order)

Payment option 3: Pay over 12 months - £53.30 per month (payable via standing order) 

To pay in instalments please pop me a message. 


Please note that I have attempted to make this course as accessible as possible. I understand that money does not always flow freely and easily. Please only commit to this offering if you know that you can ensure payments will be made. This is a heart centered offering that I have poured much time and love into.






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