Organic St John's Wort Oil ~ Solas Leighis

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Solas Leighis ~ The Gaelic translation of 'Healing Light'.

A hand blended infusion of locally foraged St John's Wort, otherwise known as Hypercium Perforatum.

St John's Wort, the magical flower that blooms during the summer solstice. Known to reignite the light within. This magical plant can help with anxiety and depression, as well as easing physical pain when applied to tender areas. 

~ Wonderful for improving scar skin, helping to smooth out damaged areas as well aa aiding with acne prone skin.

~ Anti inflammatory

~ Can ease stiff joints and general aches.

Apply generously to the skin, setting loving intentions to yourself whilst gently rubbing in. 

Blended with organic olive oil.

**Please note the ingredients list on the bottle states the use of jojoba oil however the bottle you will receive will contain Olive Oil.**