Organic Ground Dandelion Root

Organic Ground Dandelion Root

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This dandelion, a truly magical plant ally that has been used by our ancestors for centuries.

All parts of this resilient plant are edible and hold medicinal properties, however the root is something that holds incredible power.

I have created my own roasted, ground dandelion root to use as a coffee replacement and the health benefits of this caffeine replacement are endless.

~ Detoxification of the liver and prevention of liver damage.
~ Aids in digestion.
~ The dandelion root extract has been shown to be effective at slowing the growth of pancreatic cancer cells, as well as leukemia and melanoma, through stimulated apoptosis.
~ Treats inflammation of organs, joints, and swelling.
~ A fabulous diuretic thought to help kidney damage, by inducing flushing of toxins and supporting healthy kidney function.
~ For centuries, this root has been used by nursing mothers to help stimulate breast milk production and regulate hormones.

My favourite way to enjoy this amazing plant is to create a latte and add a sprinkle of cinnamon, topped with some rose, which I love for a little softness and sweetness.

You will receive a 50g bag of ground, roasted dandelion root, ready to be enjoyed.🌹