Monthly Mother & Daughter Circle

Monthly Mother & Daughter Circle

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A call to Mothers & their daughters 🌹

I want to create a space where Mother's & their daughters can gather monthly. This will allow for our young girls to build community too. Over time they'll become more familiar with the other girls & the women within the space.

My vision is that they'll see & hear from the women within the circle. As we share, they hear from us where we place value and we hear from them more of what is happening in their lives.

Perhaps even more importantly, our daughters learn that we celebrate our sisters and we are not afraid to shine, there is more than enough for all of us.

What kind of world do you hope your Daughter will get to experience?

As a Mother to three girls, I want to normalise loving myself, normalise loving my body in all its forms.
To normalise strength alongside softness.
To normalise using their voice and to not be fearful of speaking their truth.
To normalise ritual and self care and feeling zero guilt about it.

I hope to offer this whilst learning alongside them. To show them it's never too late to learn to love yourself and to accept yourself. To bring normality to the practice of sacred circling & in doing so creating a community for our daughters as well as ourselves.

This space will be quality time for the two of you to listen to one another, to create, to learn self care practices including meditation, the use of crystals and herbal medicine, as well as self-love rituals. Each month we will learn about a heroine & talk about the ways in which she was strong & courageous & how this impacts us. We will also learn about a new herb & plant, the properties of the plant & how it aids us. 

This is a time to switch off from the outside world and its constant noise. A space to grow together, deepening your relationship to one another.

If you feel called to this space, you can book below.

Spaces are limited and you will be booking one space which will be one family.
Please add to the notes on the booking form your name and your daughters name.

Please bring with you ;

Yoga mat,
An open heart.

£20 per family.

Suitable for girls aged 6 years - 11years but I trust that you know your daughters so this is more of a guidance rather than a rule. I hold a separate mini mother & daughter circle for girls aged between 3 & 6 years.

If the energy exchange is unaffordable but you feel you would benefit from this space, please reach out as we we are currently building a community fund for the women locally to enable us to offer free spaces & healings. 

I look forward to gathering with you,


Laurie. 🌸


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Mother & Daughter Circe

Thank you Laurie for the wonderful mother and daughter circle today. We both loved everything about it and it was the perfect way to connect and spend our afternoon. Laura & Eva x