Moon Lodge Circle

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In these modern, changing times, women are reconnecting with and recreating the Moon Lodge Ceremonies. We are discovering our voices and our inherent role as Wisdom Keepers.

As an advocate for the female body, it is essential for me to create space where women can feel safe in their own body. These spaces are for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength from being together and supporting one another. A space for you to practice self care, to feel nourished, held & supported without judgment. A space where you can remove any mask you may have to wear outside so that you can lean into your true self.

Within this space we drop into our heart and womb and learn to listen to our body, and in turn listen to our intuition. Giving back our own power. 

We will gather each month around the new moon or full moon within a candlelit space. We will weave in ritual & ceremony to honour our female bodies, share stories, womb meditation & songs, move our bodies in empowering ways through gentle womb yoga, enjoy herbal tea to support your female body and open our hearts with the support of Mama Cacao 🌹

There is great value in embracing our menstrual cycle & seasons as women. 

Please come as you are, bringing only extra blankets or cushions should you be wanting to create a really comfortable space for yourself. Listen to your body and what she needs 🌹


If the energy exchange is unaffordable please see the concession option from the drop down. The amount will show when added to basket. If money is not flowing freely for you currently but you feel you would benefit from this space, please reach out as we we are currently building a community fund for the women locally to enable us to offer free spaces & healings. 

If you'd like to join this event plus any other 2 events offered this month, there is a monthly discounted pass available within the menu (concessions also available).


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A sacred place ❤️

Every time I come here, my heart cracks open just that little bit more, I face myself just that little bit more. I conquer my inner demons, my fears and my insecurities. A feeling of deep peace washes over my entire being as I let go and I let in the unconditional love that is ever present. I connect back to my authenticity, my truth, my power. I feel limitless and unbound; I feel free as I step beyond my edges, beyond who I think I am and beyond what I think reality is. My mind becomes quiet and all I feel is my heart beating with an endless love and gratitude, for all the love that has been put into this place and for all the inner work you have done Laurie, to be able to hold such a safe and beautiful space for us all. You have made a huge impact on my life with everything you’ve given and provided, in more ways than you can imagine. I cherish you and these spaces and I hold so much love and gratitude in my heart for you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️🙏🏻

Darcia xxx