St John's Wort Tincture ~ Solas Leighis

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Solas Leighis ~ The Gaelic translation of 'Healing Light'.

A hand blended tincture of locally foraged St John's Wort, otherwise known as Hypercium Perforatum.

St John's Wort, the magical flower that blooms during the summer solstice. Known to reignite the light within.

St John's wort is one of the most well-known herbal treatments, renowned for lifting depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and it has been called 'the arnica of the nervous system'. It is especially useful during the dark days of winter. However, St John's wort is used for so much more than its mood-enhancing properties. It is an anti-viral, effective against the cold sore virus, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, mild analgesic and cardio tonic. It can ease neuralgia and sciatica, and mouth soreness after dental work. It is good for nervous conditions which affect digestion and the urinary system, such as colic in the digestive tract, nervous bladder, stress incontinence and bedwetting. Because it is a nervine, it can also ease stress, stress headaches and insomnia.

** Add a few drops to a glass of water at least 3 times a day to feel the full benefit * 


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Love it!

I love this and is such a saviour when most needed. Tooth ache, scars, blocked sinuses from Covit this oil smooths over anybody them. I even used externally in my inflamed gums...just rubbed it over my lip line and ofcourse it worked! It's a must have