Organic Moon Goddess Tea ~ Bandia Gealach

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Bandia Gealach ~ The Gaelic Translation of 'Moon Goddess'.

 A blend of organic uk grown herbs, perfect for a tea ceremony to honour yourself

The moon goddess tea blend ~ specifically designed to help ease cramps, regulate menstrual cycles, to bring comfort during pregnancy & to aid in women's healing postnatally.


Ingredients ~


~ Stinging Nettle ~ A beautiful all healing herb

~ St John's Wort ~ Restores hormonal balance & eases PMS symptoms

~ Yarrow ~ Can check excessive menstrual flow & help regulate the cycle

~ Lady's Mantle ~ a powerful astringent that can stop undue flows such as excessive menstruation. It is also said to regulate the female cycle. If taken in small doses during the first 3 months of pregnancy, it can lower miscarriage risk. 

~ Motherwort ~ otherwise known as Mothers hug in a bottle ~ The healer of women! It can aid in regulating painful or scanty periods and PMS. Motherwort is said to 'open the womb' during childbirth and to help expel the placenta. In small doses during pregnancy, this herb can aid in relieving expectant mothers anxiety. 

~ Raspberry Leaf ~ A uterine tonic ~ wonderful for toning the uterus which is wonderful for preparing pregnant women for child birth. Also perfect for mothers postnatally and to aid in healing and repairing their uterus.

~ Rose Petals ~ Cooling & Soothing

***Please note that this blend has been created with all women in mind. There are very low doses of raspberry leaf, motherwort and lady's mantle, making it safe to enjoy during pregnancy however if you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch. I am not a qualified medical practitioner, I just aim to bring natural healing to as many as possible.***

If you are pregnant and would like a different blend creating to enjoy, please get in touch. 


 Available in two sizes or 10 biodegradable tea bags, please select below.