Organic Immune Boosting Tea Blend ~ Díolúine agus neart

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Díolúine agus neart ~ The Gaelic translation of 'Immunity and Strength'.

A lovingly created blend of organic, UK grown herbs.
This blend has been specifically made to help boost immunity, perfect to keep viruses such as cold and flu away and to keep you feeling vibrant.

Drink 1-2 cups a day and add a slice of lemon or a dash of honey to sweeten 🍋

Ingredients ~

~ Elderflower ~ Healer of respiratory issues
~𖦹 Nettle ~ The herb to heal all ~ super high in vitamin C
~ Marshmallow leaves ~ Cooling and soothing and a great aid to help with an irritating cough
~ Liquorice root ~ a wonderful Soothing agent
~ Echinacea ~ boosts the immune system to better deal with infections of many varied types
~ Feverfew ~ Wonderful for coughs & fevers.

Available in two sizes or 10 biodegradable tea bags, please select below.