Organic Dream Tea Blend ~ Chun aisling a dhéanamh

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Chun aisling a dhéanamh ~ The Gaelic translation of 'To Dream'.

Organically grown in the UK and lovingly blended dream tea. The perfect tea to help you relax and sleep soundly.
This blend is also wonderful at easing anxiety and stress.

Drink 1 cup before bed and add a slice of lemon or a dash of honey to sweeten 🍋

Ingredients ~

~ Chamomile ~ A beautiful Soothing herb that can calm nerves and create order from chaos.
~ Lavender ~ Helps to calm an overactive mind and can induce peaceful sleep
~ Marshmallow Leaves ~ Cooling and Soothing
~ Rose ~Valued for their cooling, soothing effect
~ Mugwort ~ the perfect herb for dreaming.

Available in two sizes or 10 biodegradable tea bags, please select below.