Monthly Mother & Son Circle

Monthly Mother & Son Circle

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I heard a calling to serve women & girls but it is from that place that I now know the work that I must do by serving the future generations of young men, including my own son.
We can't leave our sons behind and expect change to happen.
Our sons are not the oppressors; they too are victims of patriarchy. If we are to truly change the world we need to ask ourselves this...

Are we leaving our sons behind to the toxic culture we are fighting so hard against for our daughters?

From a very early age, boys are bombarded with the message - from outside and sometimes even inside the home - to keep their emotions in check and to "act like a man ". Keep a stiff upper lip. Suck it up. Play through pain. Be stoic and stable. Never show any weakness. Never whimper, complain, or grieve openly. most of all, never ever cry. Every day, boys receive one message about how to deal with emotions, and that message is : don't.

As we know, suppressed feelings do not disappear, but rather they manifest in other ways such as poor school performance, aggressive behaviour, perfectionism, relationship & intimacy problems, depression, anxiety, panic & much more.

So I am inviting Mother's & their sons to gather with myself & my sweet son each month.
A time where we can step away from the busy society. Time that is truly sacred where they feel safe to be their true authentic selves. The focused time and energy spent connecting and having fun together actually makes mothering our sons easier, as all aspects of parenting flow much more smoothly when the relationship is healthy and strong.

When boys are provided with an encouraging, positive environment we will see them blossom!
We will provide them with opportunity to counteract this cultural stereotype and to engage in meaningful conversation together with a circle of other mothers and sons.

What to expect during circle :

~ Meditation
~ Monthly topic
~ Creative time
~ Discussion circle
~ Snacks & refreshments
~ Time to share & learn from one another.

If you feel called to join, please book your space.

Spaces will be limited as I hope to build a community so that our sons can create deep connections and friendships.




Location: Hawarden Masonic Hall 

Time & Date:  Saturday 20th May 1-3pm

Energy Exchange: £20 per family

Suitable for ages 9-12. 

What to bring:

~Yoga mat, blankets and cushions


~Journal & pen for each of you. 


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