Drum Crafting with Louise

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Dear hearts,

Drum Crating Day - Saturday April 6th. 10am -8pm

A beautiful day of community and crafting; Opening Circle at 10am and closing by 8pm latest (closing time is left open to allow space to not rush drum)
We will open with a Drum Circle, setting intentions and weaving in our prayers for our drums, before choosing our hoops and hides.
Giving thanks to the animal and tree, tuning into what they need, bringing all parts together and crafting our drums with intention and love.
After crafting our the drums we will make our beaters and come together to close our circle.
All materials and tools for making the drum are provided.
Teas and water (and chocolate) will be available.
Lunch is a pot luck / food share- please bring a vegetarian dish and snacks to share (please advise of any allergies or requirements on booking).

Please bring things to get cosy;

sheepskins, blankets, cushions.
Water bottle
Items you may like to infuse or honour your hide and hoop with (oils, tinctures, flowers, crystals, feathers)
Favourite mug
Plate, bowl + cutlery
Journal and pen
Any embellishments for your drum (a crystal, ribbon etc)
A stick for your beater (we may also have opportunity to find one on the day)
Old Towel or blanket (for laying the hide on)
Comfortable clothes and layers

The cost of the day is £275 pp - this includes all materials and tools to birth your drum.

You can send your deposit of £100 to;
Louise Staker
Monzo Bank - Business Account followed by instalments to clear the rest of your payment. If you choose this method then please do get in touch prior to this method so that we know. 

Alternatively you can pay in full via the website here!

The rest of the payment can be spread to suit your needs as long as it is paid in full by the time we gather. Just let me know when you intend to pay and the amount. If you need to be more flexible just let me know.

By sending payment you confirm you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions and health information outlined below.

Location: The Barn Temple, Pontblyddyn

Google location link : https://maps.app.goo.gl/V2s2unW31wJBgetg6

As always -any questions let me know.

With so much Love




By signing up to an event or retreat you are entering into a formal agreement to honour your space.  If canceling after payment has been paid you agree to forfeit your payment.  If canceling after monies have been collected either through paying in full or as part of a payment plan you will be required to pay in full and no refunds will be given unless in exceptional circumstances at Louise’s / She’s Medicine’s discretion and if the place can be filled.

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Some of the content presented in a retreat or event may be triggering and individuals must be of sound mind to attend. 

You release Louise Staker / She’s Medicine from any legal liability & you assume sole responsibility for your own health and the outcome of any session, event or workshop. 


Drum circles are not a substitute for medical consultation for physical, mental and psychological illnesses, but it is a powerful natural complementary form of healing as well as a space for social interaction. It is not a therapy group and should not be seen by participants as such.
Like any form of sound work it may not be suitable for everyone as it involves some loud noise and repetitive beats.
Those with Tinnitus and Menieres disease may find that the use of ear plugs helps them join a drum circle without over stimulating the ears.
Those with epilepsy and those otherwise affected by repetitive sound should consider their triggers and make the session leader aware of any needs they may have.
It is particularly contraindicated for those suffering from active schizophrenia, PTSD and other reality perception altering illnesses as repetitive drumming can change the brain waves and induce trance like states. 
Those in the early stages of pregnancy or those who have suffered recurrent miscarriage, and are currently pregnant, should take medical advice before joining a drum circle.
Along with the effects of sound the active sharing space may trigger some people with past trauma. It is to be noted that the Sacred Women’s Drum Circle Facilitators are not therapists and should not be treated as such. They may need to intervene and invite participants to seek alternative or additional support.

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