Cat ~

"I tried the herbal smoke blend on a whim and I'm so glad I did. I'm now using it to finally stop smoking nicotine. It tastes amazing and is enjoyable to smoke with none of the nasty side effects of tobacco."


Szidonia ~

"Your St.Johns Wort oil healed an ear ache which was connected to a tooth it is now officially the most valuable thing we have in the house. Thank you sooo much for it ❤"


Rich ~

"The reiki treatment I received was amazing, the atmosphere was so calming with the music, the lighting and the aroma… during the treatment I felt so relaxed and my mind wandered, but the energy I felt in my body was indescribable… I have a few pain points and Laurie intuitively knew to concentrate on those areas. The crystals that were placed at certain points on my body felt incredible, vibrating and emanating energy into me.
Once the treatment was over I felt amazing, a little light headed, but amazing. I can’t recommend Laurie enough, she has a gift and I will definitely be a regular."


Rose ~

"I used the one with chamomile and lavender as an evening oil for my face and love it! The smell is soothing and its very calming and I usually end up yawning after using it so it is also great for people who have troubles sleeping. The texture is lovely, and also the smell."


Willow ~

"The smoke blend is so enjoyable to smoke! Each herb complements the next and they all blend softly together. I like to smoke this when I need to relax, especially to relieve stress from the day. It's also lovely before bed and to aid in my meditations." 


Sarah ~

" The moon goddess tea is absolutely divine. The taste is perfect, I especially love it when steeped for 10 mins and with a slice of lemon. The herbs have been carefully and lovingly selected and opens up my heart space and helps me to connect deeper into my own body. I use this tea as part of a womb ritual to drop in to my womb space. I've also noticed benefits in drinking the moon goddess blend when I've experienced pain before I bleed. Thank you!"


Jane ~

"I love these amazing oils by Laurie.
Rose, chamomile and lavender. What an amazing blend for relaxation before going to bed.

I used the St John's Wort. I found a small amount of this was beneficial after not feeling well and helped to lift my mood and relax me. I just put it on my pulse points.

I can't recommend these oils enough. "